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Eye Conditions

By Mr Ramy Bassily | August 1st, 2017

Dry Eyes

If you suffer from sore uncomfortable eyes or variable quality of vision it is very possible you suffer from dry eyes.


Having insufficient tears for the eyes means that the surface of the eye is inadequately protected and can suffer many complications as a result. We now know that dry eyes is a complex condition and actually its impact on the patient and society is massively underestimated. Studies are now showing its detrimental effect on mood, mental health and quality of life are more severe than previously thought.


Treatment can often be a complex process of trial and error. Unfortunately, no cure exists, however, with the correct assessment and treatments, symptoms can be reduced significantly. Leaving dry eyes untreated can lead to damage to the ocular surface and in some cases loss of sight.

It is important to know that longstanding ocular surface symptoms can be due to a wide variety of conditions such as blepharitis, Meibomian gland dysfunction or allergy. Examination by an eye care professional is essential to making the correct diagnosis.


You are most welcome to attend for a consultation to assess the eyes and go through the treatment options. The best lubricants can be recommended, as well as any inflammation modulating drops and tablets. Surgical procedures are rare but in some situations minor procedures may be necessary such as punctal plugs.


Re-esterified Omega 3 has been shown to increase tear production. It is very unlikely you will get the beneficial dosage from diet only. Taking 2g per day oral re-esterified omega 3 supplements can reduce symptoms and reliance on drops. If using lubricants more frequently than 6 times a day, consider preservative free drops and gels to help protect the surface of the eye.

Dry Eyes


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